Kevin Cassidy

Born with a facial birth defect, I battled a speech impediment and bullying throughout my youth but I was able to conquer one of life’s hardest challenges…being genuinely happy. I am a former Hollywood stuntman, school teacher, college and pro athlete.  Am a current business owner, author, speaker, father, and husband.  How can I help you?

Author, speaker, business owner, and hollywood stuntman.

I spent over 17 years working on some of the biggest movies in the world including 8 Marvel films (Spiderman Homecoming and Far From Home, Black Panther, Ant-manCaptain America Civil War and others), as well as The Dark Knight Rises, SALT, The Other Guys, Zombieland 2, and many more. 

I am now a business owner (Ninja Nation Huntersville), Author (“Falling Down to Find Myself”-release date of 9/2022), and speaker. I want to share my life experiences with you, but more importantly I want to share what I’ve learned in a way that you, and the people around you can benefit from it.
I was born with a facial birth defect and battled a speech impediment and bullying throughout my youth. Which prepared me for some of the challenges I faced later in life such as being wrongfully arrested and jailed in college to name one. I went on to play minor league professional baseball, then became a school teacher, Slamball player, and Hollywood stuntman.
Along the way I forged a mentality that would greatly enhance my chances of not only success in each endeavor, but more importantly finding happiness throughout the struggles.
I have identified, elaborated on and articulated exactly what that mentality is and how you can have it too.
Using my life’s experiences, many of which involve some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, I attempt drive home my central point of WHO you are matters more than WHAT you are in everything I offer.
Start with the book to learn more about me (it’s all in there!) Then let me know how I can help, from speaking engagements to running team building events, and everything in-between.

NEW BOOK Available Now

Falling down to find myself

“As one of the guys on the receiving end of that drop kick, I can attest to how hard-hitting Kevin and this book are.”
Chris Gizzi, strength and conditioning coordinator for the Green Bay Packers and former NFL player

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praise for falling down to find myself

“It’s not too often that you get a chance to take a deep dive into the full story of a friend that you think you already know. Kevin and I met as SlamBall teammates, and on top of being a great teammate, he is an absolute warrior! We have been able to remain in touch over the last almost-twenty years, but Falling Down to Find Myself gave me not only a deeper insight to Kevin, but a deeper appreciation for the person that he is, what he has overcome, and how he plans to serve and inspire others with his story. While this book reads like we are sitting around a campfire, with Kevin sharing story after story with us, you realize that you are celebrating failures just as much as victories with him, while you learn along the way. Digging into the ‘Who vs. What’ forces a positive introspection and politely demands action and the ‘Will to W.I.N.’"
Trevor Anderson
speaker, educator, coach, performance specialist, owner/creator of Better Every Day, and former professional SlamBall and football player
“Kevin has proven himself time and time again. This book is only a snapshot of the man he grew to become. Kevin has proven that if you believe in yourself and apply what you know, then you can achieve pretty much anything. He took time to reflect on what it means to be a good man. Reading this book has not only inspired me but continues to lead me. This is not a one-time read but something that we all can relate to. No one is perfect but we all have to try! I would recommend this book not as a testimony but a simple guide that maybe we all could use . . . Never give up!”
Renford Ligon
Airborne Ranger, Task Force 160th, Special Forces (Green Beret), author, actor, stuntman, mentor, friend
“Kevin’s story is brimming with a blue collar wisdom that’s been learned and earned by someone who has persevered through life ever since taking his first breath. This book shines a light on the philosophy needed to navigate adversity with Kevin’s own brand of stick-to-itiveness and ‘burn the ships’ mentality that helped him attain his highest aspirations regardless of what life threw at him. In essence: words from a guy who lived it.”
Devan Long
former NFL player and current actor
“Falling Down to Find Myself is such a testament to Kevin’s perseverance, mental philosophy, and individual growth through the challenges of life’s ups and downs. What a great go-to memoir!”
Tracy Bennett
former NFL kicker, photographer, twenty-year veteran of the movie industry, and entrepreneur

How can i be of service?

 Interested in having me speak at your school or event, want me to facilitate a team building outing at my facility (or yours)? Let’s get creative in how my life experiences and subsequent philosophy may help you and/or the people around you. Or just shoot me an email to say hello. Looking forward to hearing from you.